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1. Press and lock (hear a click)  you've activated the total release feature.  In approximately 45 seconds all contents will deplete and treat your space


2. Press but DO NOT lock to use as hand held aerosol ... 300 sprays!  If you do lock it down use your thumb to flick the tab up to unlock it. 

3.  If you prefer 300 sprays of the best odor eliminating hand held aerosol ever and don't plan on using the total release feature simply cut the plastic tab (see arrow in picture) so it will no longer lock down.  Enjoy!



 Smells can evoke strong emotional reactions; some may even say “Beauty is in the nose of the beholder.” In fact surveys on reactions to odors, responses show that many of our olfactory likes and dislikes are based purely on emotional associations. Methods of odor control consists primarily of nasal receptor sites, reactive enzymes and a complicated system of electrical impulses that send signals to the brain for odor identification and possible immediate physical reaction by the body if the brain senses harmful substances. So trying to sell a home or car of a lifelong smoker or animal lover may not yield the best financial results People make decisions based on their experiences in about 5 seconds or 5 feet whichever happens first. Using FUMAIRXTM fogger or atomizer is a safe patent pending formula that can help you bring in the profits. It combines innovative technology with a TRUE CLEAN marker scent, it awakens your nose giving you a refresh from the mess, it then disappears along with the uninvited odor permanently because FUMAIRXTM is not a cover-up or deodorizer. FUMAIRXTM is an odor eliminator - even in the summer heat. 




My sister and I had just gotten home late from celebrating my birthday. It was a Thursday. As we readied ourselves for Friday, we noticed that the house smelled funny. Then we remembered, “tomorrow is trash day. Let’s put the can on the curb for pickup.” That’s when we found out the garage fridge had died! We were assaulted with the most incredible smell of spoiled ocean and foulness that burned through our nostrils almost knocking us unconscious. All the frozen food had thawed and gone bad! Just to get into the fridge to empty the contents, I would spray Fumairx in quick bursts. About 2 hours later, when we finished emptying and cleaning the disaster, we set off the total release feature. The next morning, the smell was gone! No evidence of our house’s birthday gift to me at all. No evidence there was ever a stench! 

Posted By Deborah Seeman May 12, 2017



 We believe that what you do, what you like and where you go are personal AND we are all created equal ... well not equally smellyl! These strong foul obnoxious odors or stenches are not fun to be around. Whether the odors are cigarettes, cigars, meat, fish, poultry, gasoline, sweat, urine, feces or vomit they infiltrate our cars and homes and well... we have all met that little Stinker! But we do have the right to Reject the Stink. People, the things we do and the places we go may or may not always start fresh but they will never stay so. FUMAIRXTM technology does not mask or block odors with an overkill of fragrance or use enzymes to eliminate them. It’s clever chemistry that eliminates odors at a molecular level without harsh chemicals or being toxic to you, your children, pets or the environments we get into. In fact...No Nose Will Ever Know there was ever a stench! 

Posted by Deborah Seeman on Dec 14, 2017



 Home, car or first date...smell matters. We can recognize thousands of different smells - even in infinitesimal quantities (and that’s really small). Some unpleasant ‘smells’ annoy. Some DISGUST and cause us pain. The offensive odors we now encounter are more of a social nuisance, emitting from personal hygiene activities, waste activities, cooking, industrial activity, etc. The odors that result from these activities may involve ammonia, sulfides, mercaptans, amines and other techy names for aromatic molecules. Whether its personal hygiene odors from working out...or not, your “last” cigarette of the day, or the takeout food you were not supposed to have FUMAIRXTM eliminates them permanently, instantly and at a molecular level. The safe non-toxic patent pending secret juice was designed to not only work on contact but in the air around us. Convenient as an on-the-go atomizer with refill or fogger, FUMAIRXTM gives you a “true Clean” refresh from the mess without acting like a perfume cover-up. Mmmm...smell the clean! 

Posted by Deborah Seeman on Dec 14, 2017



 Often times we receive our inspiration from our products from our real life needs. Fumairx is the answer to the question of how to eliminate odors from your vehicle. As anyone with dogs knows; as adorable as they are, they often do not smell like roses when wet! A wet dog smell is one you don't want lingering in your vehicle. Typical solutions just mask the odor. We wanted more so we created Fumairx with Patented Odor Eliminating Technology. Don't hide the smell, eliminate it and No Nose Will Ever Know.  

 Posted by Deborah Seeman on Mar 22, 2016 

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Good Air FCA on a Couch....MMMMMM



Sweat itself is odorless.  It's the bacteria on the skin that mingles with it and produces body odor.



Go ahead...microwave fish on your lunch break! 



Cannabis butter is an incredibly versatile thing. Literally any recipe that calls for butter can be replaced with cannabis butter to make it either an awesome recreational treat, or an effective medicine.



If bad smells are supposed to warn us of danger what about the toxicity of the common odor eliminators.  If you are not supposed to be in the room when using the product, who then is squeezing the sprayer? FUMAIRX™ formula was created to be safe for you, your loved ones and even those who overstay for the holidays.  Furry friends  and babies are welcome too becaue there is no perfume or cologne overkill. Just spray,  enjoy the refresh from the mess and say good-bye to friendship pasts that left presents of urine, feces, vomit, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, food and smelly hygiene odors too.   No Nose Will Ever Know there was ever a stench. 



Whether using the Fumairx FCA (Fabric, Carpet & Air) spray, Fumairx  Air Restorer aerosol total release feature for a deep clean  or a couple of sprays to restore your car back to being smelling brilliantly clean there will be no residue or sticky film left behind.



We get it.  Whether its road trips with friends or solo, taking kids to after school activities, meals on-the-go along with the accidents on-the go, odors fester especially in the heat.  Fumairx odor eliminators destroy the odors molecularly no matter the temperature so drive onward and forward without a  stinky worry!