How do you pronounce Fumarix?

 Few – mare – x... Now say it faster 

Safe, Non-Toxic and STILL effective... HOW? Odor control methods consists primarily of nasal receptor sites, reactive enzymes and a complicated system of electrical impulses that send signals to the brain for odor identification and possible immediate physical reaction by the body if the brain senses harmful substances. The odors that result from these activities may involve ammonia, sulfides, mercaptans, amines and other techy names for aromatic molecules. Fumairx’s patent pending formulation encapsulates stinky molecules associated with decomposition at a molecular level and then eliminates them permanently. Fumiarx contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum distillates or benzene.


No, third party testing by InfoTox confirmed what we already knew; Fumairx is the only aerosol in its category to receive a safe non-toxic rating.

Why did all the contents of Fumairx Air Restorer spray out so fast when I just wanted a little spritz?

It is the only product available as a hand held and total release air restorer aerosol that is safe! The hand held aerosol feature is great for spot treating areas. Just depress the actuator without locking it all the way down. When depressed completely you will hear a “click” sound. This will activate the total release feature great for treating your car and/ or room because it can reach both small and high spaces. If you want the hand held feature but you’ve locked it down, use your thump to press button up top unlock.

Difference between Fumairx and Febreeze

It is all about the clever chemistry. Fumairx encapsulates bad odors at a molecular level to eliminate them by changing the molecular structure. Febreeze is a starch-based product that mostly encapsulates oil-soluble molecules and leaves a wet and sticky residue. When product is dry so is the molecule and the smell returns.

Is Fumairx a fancy perfume that covers-up odors?

No. Fumairx does not mask, block, re-odorize, fatigue or contain starches or enzymes. Fumairx is an odor eliminator that allows you to enjoy a fragrance from a candle or room spray without competing with the aromas of cigarette smoke, cooking mishaps, trashcan, wet dog or a present left from your furry 4 pawed BFF.

How many foggers do I need for my car?

Each 3oz Fumarix Fogger covers approximately 300 square feet. Most 4 door cars and small SUV’s will only use one. However, depending on the degree of embedded odor multiple applications may be necessary.

Will the odors come back or come back when it’s hot?

No. Once the contaminate is removed and Fumairx is applied the odor will NOT return even in temperatures of 100°F PLUS. However, if the contaminate is re-introduced the odor will return.

How long will the True Clean scent last?

Fumairx’s True Clean marker scent is designed to give you a refresh from the odor you want removed and then disappears shortly after being released.

How long does it take Fumairx to work?

Fumairx works instantly to eliminate your odor.

Is the Fumairx Air Restorer toxic and can I be in the same room when it is released?

Fumairx Air Restorer is NOT toxic or harmful to you, your children or furry friends. Even though it is safe when used as intended the mist can become overwhelming so when treating your car or home please exit your car or home when using the total release feature.

When do I use the Fumairx Air Restorer?

Fumairx Air Restorer eliminates odors in your car and home. It reaches the places you cannot like the nooks and crannies under your car seat and the ceilings and vents of your home. Fumairx works wonders when trying to sell your car or home because it removes the smoke, food, pet and all around funk so you can get top dollar. Restaurants, hotels, gyms, service companies, renovation companies, rental car and even consignments stores can benefit from using Fumairx Air Restorer.

What odors do Fumairx eliminate?

Fumairx eliminates odors such as cigarette, cigar and cannabis smoke, urine, feces, vomit, food odors (meat, poultry and fish), personal hygiene odors associated with perspiration as well as mold, mildew and mustiness. Don’t know what your odor is... spray it with Fumairx. It’s non-toxic, won’t leave a residue and is safe around you, children and pets.