Our Stink'n Story

Stinky Beginnings

 It’s June, a typical hot and sticky summer day. We've just dropped my car off for it’s service appointment. The loaner car is always fun because it’s always different. The windows are rolled down. The smell of honeysuckles and summer fill the air. The aroma is engulfing, invigorating, and sweet....and wait...what is that sour note at the end of our breaths? Is that vomit? Did someone vomit in the car? We turn around to the back but of course, we are the only ones in the car. The only thing we can do is spray our Pineapple Mango bath splash to freshen the air. As we drive, constantly spraying the bath splash, the horrific odor emanating is  now Tropical Pineapple Mango vomit. Turns out the dealership handed us the keys prior to their "deep clean" inspection.  WOW this happened... and it's the inspiration for Fumairx, a non toxic, odor eliminator and the reason why we do not use pineapple mango scent. 

The Co-Founders


RevoTek Group is a woman owned company co-founded by two sisters, Deborah and Donna Seeman.  They were inspired to create products that don't cut corners and just look pretty but exceed expectation and offer real solutions to the playground called Life.

We are experts in developing innovative safe chemical formulations for automotive, paint and household industries.  Products include and are not limited to soaps, specialty paint cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, degreasers, detergents, waxes, sanitizers, odor eliminators and ink removers.  Our products are made in the USA with USA components.  Our brands FUMAIRX, E-Z Clean and PaintErase are available at retailers nationwide.


About Us

Donna Seeman


Donna Seeman is the CEO & Co-Founder of RevoTek Group a consumer products company specializing in the development of made in the USA environmentally conscience products crafted with creativity, clever chemistry and natural ingredients.   Donna focuses on product development, sales, marketing and brand management of FUMAIRX, PaintErase, E-Z Clean and ProGone products available in retailers nationwide in the automotive, household and personal care markets.  

Ms. Seeman is the recipient of the 2013 Small Business Achievers Award by the York Regional Chamber of Commerce sponsored by Sam’s Club and a 2014 LACE Trailblazer Nominee.

Donna graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and a love for biology. She began her career in England at What Car? Magazine and Nissan Public Relations.  After returning to the states, Donna worked at Turner Learning a division of Turner Network Television (TNT) where she incorporated new learning media tools through movies and discussions with educators while simultaneously working at CNN in the newsroom. 

Following her accomplishments at Turner Learning and CNN, Donna took on the roll as Publicist for TNT’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW). 

When not working, Donna enjoys spending time with her family including her Samoyed Gracie.  Her other hobbies include scuba diving (rescue scuba diver), flying (private, commercial, multi-engine and instrument licensed pilot), outdoor activities, reading and traveling.  She can also be found donating time and product to cancer wellness organizations and animal philanthropies.

Deborah Seeman


Deborah Seeman is the COO & Co-Founder of RevoTek Group.  Ms. Seeman oversees its nationwide operations for its branded products sold at national retailers as well as for products it contract packages and private labels for others. 

Deborah graduated from George Washington University with a BA in International Affairs and Economics.  She continued her studies at the Monterey Language Institute of Monterey, California studying Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.  She began her career in Washington DC working in communications and tourism for the city as well as for the popular TV Show, America’s Most Wanted.  Deborah traveled extensively throughout the US and abroad and speaks Spanish, Chinese, Italian and French.  Ms. Seeman’s experience led her to Turner Sports and Turner Network Television (TNT) in their on-air production departments where she was responsible for directing production teams and delegating many responsibilities associated with live TV.

Deborah is an avid reader and fictional writer of short stories, enjoys traveling, outdoor ziplining and ATV adventures. However, her most favorite thing is spending time with her family and her Samoyed named Daisy.

Gracie & Daisy


They are the real bosses!  The head honchos.  The Generals.  Top Dawgs.  They prefer a 11-3pm schedule but have been know to bend the rules for a snacky or two.

Gracie is an avid TV  (but only on DVR) addict and milk bone connoisseur .  She understands she is a samoyed and is supposed to love working but would much prefer lazy days, snuggling and being close to her mom and  family.  

Daisy has the biggest webbed like feet.  Her nickname is "No-Bones" because she can lay so flat and squirm in, out and between things.  She is the Houdini in a fur suit with the sweetest smile.

Daisy loves all outdoor activities even in the heat - just can't get enough but her real love is snuggling with her mom for leg and paw rubs while watching a good movie.