Tell Us Your Stink'n Story


Hey, just got to tell you all that this has to be the best stuff I have ever in my life used to get rid of odors. I even told my wife I need to tell people about this stuff and that's what I'm going to do. This product needs however many stars it can possibly get. I had cigarette smell in my car and its completely gone after using your product. You guys got something. This is all I will ever use for anything, House, car, etc... I must say it does get the job done & like you all say, no nose will ever know.

-Brandon S.

The FŪMAIRX worked great! We have a dog that is getting old and she tended to wet in one of the bedrooms we were keeping her in during the day. We finally decided to move her to another room in the house because the room started smelling like urine from her wetting. The smell had gotten so bad we were afraid that it had seeped into the drywall and wood under the carpet. We pulled the carpet up, primed the floors, and aired out the room but could not get rid of the urine smell. Finally a friend recommended FŪMAIRX to us. After one application the smell had disappeared.”

-Josh S. 


I accidentally spilled Chinese food in my husband’s pickup truck. His first comment was “Oh no, that is going to stink forever!” Not so. After wiping up all the sauce, I quickly ran inside and grabbed the bottle of FŪMAIRX and went back and sprayed the carpet and seat that were affected and it never smelled! My husband has a sensitive sense of smell, so he was amazed. I fell in love with FŪMAIRX because I am allergic to perfume and other scented substances, but I love it all the more for helping me maintain a happy hubby – thanks FŪMAIRX!

-R. Huskins, 


Love the packaging sleek and sexy and the product works so well. Cool enough for both men and woman.

-S. Helms 


My husband and I enjoy sitting outside by our fire pit but since it had been raining so much we decided to have the fire inside. We did not realize there would be so much smoke in the house. Unfortunately, it smelled like we had a house fire and everything was charred. I was introduced to FŪMAIRX Car & Home Fogger and just by using it as a handheld aerosol FŪMAIRX removed the smoke smell from the entire house that includes carpet, sofa and drapes. It instantly restored our home to smelling fresh and clean! Cannot believe it!

-N. Love 


I’m in my early 30’s and enjoy smoking cigarettes between driving to visit with my customers. I tried driving with the window open but that just doesn’t work because your hands still smell and a stick of gum can only do so much. A friend of mine gave me the FŪMAIRX atomizer and I sprayed my hands and the nicotine/ smoke smell was gone . I’ve been an avid smoker for over 10 years. It also removed the cigarette smell from my hair and clothes fast and without heavy fragrances. Being in sales, I’m no longer self-conscious to meet with people and think I smell.

-R. Dressler 


I have naturally curly hair that I like to straighten. I also smoke. I used FŪMAIRX and was AMAZED that it actually worked. The fine mist atomizer removed the smell of cigarettes from my hair without making it wet. Just removed the smoke smell. The packaging is really cool too. You want to leave it out in your car.

-K. Sampson 


I am not a smoker but keep FŪMAIRX Atomizer on me always because after eating lunch out I can spray myself and eliminate those food odors. I’m also very sensitive about any kind of fragrance but FŪMAIRX is so light and smells so clean and then it just disappears. Its awesome. 

-S. Frizer 


FŪMAIRX Fogger is AMAZING! I have a group of guys over to play cards once a month. We eat, drink and smoke cigars. My wife hates it because it smells up the house. Well NOT anymore! FŪMAIRX Fogger eliminated the food and smoke smells without being a perfume product that when the scent fades re-introduces the bad smells. FŪMAIRX just eliminated the odors. Don’t know how but I’ll keep buying it!”

-J. Kaye 


Kids had a party and there were cigarette butts on our front AND back porch. I removed all the cigarette butts and sprayed FŪMAIRX atomizer on the concrete. The smell was gone instantly!!! It was even a hot sunny day and the smell NEVER came back. THANK YOU FŪMAIRX!!!

-M. Baily 


I like going out dancing but hate smelling like an ashtray. FŪMAIRX gets rid of the smell and I don’t feel like I have to wash my clothes separately from my other laundry.

-G. Johnson 


Love to smoke. Hate the smell. Love FŪMAIRX.

-M. Steele 


Love the packaging - sleek and sexy and the product works so well. Both my husband and I use the atomizer. It just looks cool for both men and woman and it actually works…AMAZING

-S. Helms 


Really like the fact that I can refill the atomizer. Would hate to throw away such a nice bottle. I now have multiple locations of FŪMAIRX atomizer - my briefcase, gym bag and car.

-D. Hennessy


OMG Thank you FŪMAIRX! I was at my boyfriend’s place and basically if I did not have FŪMAIRX the bathroom would not be tolerable for at LEAST 45 minutes. I only sprayed like twice and the smell was completely GONE. That could have been SOOOO embarrassing!

-H. Stevenson 


My son’s football and wrestling gear smells so bad and so does his SUV because he leaves everything in it. A friend recommended FŪMAIRX and I honestly did not think this stuff was going to work. The packaging was nice but my son’s stuff really smells! Well after taking his clothes out of the car (I left his gear inside) I set off FŪMAIRX Car & Home Fogger in his Expedition and waited about 2 hours (I did not want to leave any of the fogger out). When I opened the door, it was like a new car! His gear and car smelled so clean. No residual odor. As far his clothes, the FŪMAIRX Atomizer eliminated the sweat smells from his under arms - it was so fast. Thanks for making such a fantastic product!!!!

-E. Stigmore 


I’m a new mom and thought I was ready for anything but even a diaper genie is no match for FŪMAIRX. Thanks for making my baby’s First Birthday one the whole family could gather around!

-M Sampson